HABERLER | Ministerial Conference on Demographic Resilience: Shaping Europe's Demographic Future

Sofya, Bulgaristan • 1-2 Aralık 2021

Avrupa'nın demografik geleceği üzerine Bakanlar düzeyinde gerçekleşen bu toplantıya çevrimiçi katıldık.

About the Event

Many countries in Europe and Central Asia face rapid demographic change: people have fewer children and live longer, and many leave their countries to look for opportunities elsewhere. Societies are growing older and, in many cases, are getting smaller, especially in Eastern Europe where low fertility rates are compounded by high levels of outward migration.

The hybrid online/in-person Ministerial Conference on Demographic Resilience aims to contribute to strengthening the capacity of countries in Europe and Central Asia to respond to the profound demographic shifts the region is experiencing.

The conference, which runs from 1-2 December, will convene ministers and other high-level representatives of governments, civil society, the private sector, academia and the international community. It will kick off a Decade for Demographic Resilience that will mobilize political support for policy responses that are comprehensive, grounded in evidence, and based on human rights. And it will provide a platform for the exchange of experiences and sound policy advice, enabling countries to mitigate negative effects and fully harness the opportunities that come with demographic change.


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